Updates To Consider On Establishing Root Criteria In Guidance For Job Interview

Imagine youre hiring an interior designer to spruce your place up a bit. If you were evaluating a few candidates, how would you pick the right one for you? Would you ask them each to recite the foundational theories of fengshui, or are you more interested in seeing examples of their work? Id personally be most interested in what a designer could do and less about what theories they know. So, it begs the question, why are we still using such theoretical questions in our interviews? First, hiring managers will cite that they need a quick means to qualify a candidates technical skills, and a tightly scoped theoretical question will help them to screen. Secondly, they will argue that assessing theoretical competence is the true measure of a programmer. While there may be some amount of truth to both of these justifications, I would wager that the real, underlying reason is a psychological one, and one you may often see in instances of hazing. Deep down, I wonder if the feeling really is I had to do it, so they should, too. guidanceIn a field that is suffering bothfrom talent shortages and a lack of diversity, if true, such roots of this practice are problematic. At best, the assessment then becomes a rite of passage. At worst, it may be akin to hazing.

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guidance for job interview

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